Friday, 15 August 2008

Tips to Make Your Lips Look Sweety

You have already tried all the tricks, but you still can't keep your lip colour in place. Here are some pro tricks that you probably have not heard before.

Use the same brand of lip liner as your lipstick. Each brand has a unique formulation of bases and colourants that are consistent between products. Using two different brands can lead to product incompatibility. Lip liners offer also you versatility of the final outcome of your product. For instance, if you use a nude liner with a red, you get a muted, softer tone than you would with a red liner.

Don't use a lip brush. Use your lip colour straight from the tube. You generally see make-up artists using lip brushes, because it is the only hygenic way to apply lipstick from the same tube to multiple people. You can sanitize the brush, not the tube of lipstick! You will get greater deposit of colour if you use it straight from the tube, and your application time is much quicker. If your lipstick takes on a distorted shape, take a piece of picture hanging wire and slice it into a slant. (knives are too thick).

Watch out for lip plumpers! These are fabulous for juicy, full lips, but most of them eat up the colourant in lipstick. Look for lip plumpers that are already coloured.

Try a lip stain. Lip stains are perfect for a suggestion of colour. They enhance the natural colour of the lips and dry to a matte finish. They are perfect for all-day stay, but they can have a drying effect. To rehydrate, use a lip treatment that is natural based at night time.

Exfoliate your lips once a week. Having a prepared surface always helps lipstick stay on better, especially for those with dry lips. Exfoliation also helps stimulate circulation, which will give you a fuller, healthy smile!

Tips Choose a Lipstick

Choosing your lipstick is very important and it makes a lot of difference as to the way you look and portray yourself to the people around you. A right lipstick can give you the right look and can be according to the occasion. Never try a lipstick which looks good otherwise and not on you. Many people make the wrong choice which just makes loss of good money.

Now trends have changed lipstick are not only about looks of your lips and face, but for better and fresh lips. If you are suffering from dry lips, keep in mind to use lipstick with moisturizer. It has all the necessary ingredients which can make your lips soft and beautiful. They contain ingredients like aloe, glycerin and Vitamin E.

The other lipstick which has come out is with a shine and is considered to be more dehydrating even though it provides a wet look. Lipsticks which are high on oils are also very good as it provides the necessary food for your lips to make them as supple as they are.

Cream lipsticks are also on a roll as they have many different color and varieties which protects your lips, but may keep your lips dry which can be a problem. It is very important to apply lip gloss which can give that deadly look. Always look for products which contain some valuable ingredient to take care of your lips.

The other is transfer-resistant which are very popular with women who are in a rush and would have to look presentable all the time. This helps in keeping that fresh look even at the end of the day and you don't have to apply it again and again. It can remain in this state for 4 to 6 hours and sometimes more than that. Make it a point to buy lipsticks which are good for your lips and not only looks.

Match Your lipstick Colors to your Mood

Ladies, you know what it’s like when you go shopping for a new shade of lipstick. Here you are in the lipstick aisle looking up and down the rows of pinks, mauves, reds, and purple.

Another minute goes by and you still haven’t made up your mind. Darn those makeup manufacturers - so many shades to choose from. There are lipstick colors to go with every skin tone, every possible outfit, and every day or evening situation you may find yourself in.

Okay, you’ve got to make a decision somehow. Here’s a suggestion. The next time you go lipstick shopping, pick out your lipstick colors to match each one of your moods.

Now, ladies, if you’re like me you’ll wake up in the morning and try to get dressed, but for some reason you just can’t grab a quick outfit and go. Nope. You’re realizing you’re not in the mood to wear that pink top, or those brown pants, or that particular striped suit. Hmmm. You stand there a few minutes picking out this, throwing that aside, until you finally select just the right outfit for how you’re feeling that day.

Well, let’s do the same with lipstick. I promise this will be lots of fun.

Pink Lipstick Colors – Light pink shades are innocent, soft and gentle. Wear pink on your lips when you’re feeling pretty and girly. Hot pink kicks things up a notch. Usually, hot pink is worn when you’re feeling your girl power and wanna have some fun.

Orange Lipstick Colors – Orange shades are a breath of sunshine. Wear orange on your lips when you’re relaxed, happy and feeling a little spunky. Orange is the color of sunshine, so it can really give you a lift on gloomy days.

Red Lipstick Colors – Red shades evoke confidence and independence. Wear red on your lips when you’re feeling strong and in the mood to either make decisions or kick some butt. Yes, when you stroll in wearing your red lipstick, people better watch out – this woman means business.

Purple Lipstick Colors – Purple shades are mysterious and a little rebellious. Wear purple on your lips when you feel like stepping out of your comfort zone and want to be unique. Purple is never boring, but always cool and vibrant.

Brown Lipstick Colors – Brown shades are warm, earthy and inviting. Wear brown on your lips when you’re feeling like kicking back and taking it easy. No fuss and no muss, just doing your thing.

Of course, if you’re not sure what mood you’re in, you can always mix two shades together and create your own individual colors.

Tips to Economized but Beauty With Lipstick

What do you do if your favorite lipstick melted in the summer heat?

Don't throw it away. That would be wasteful. You can still use it with the help of a lip brush. No doubt, it wouldn't be as glamorous or convenient as slicking it on straight from the tube, but you can still get the pretty look by dipping your lip brush into the melted lipstick and painting it onto your lips.

You can also turn some of your lipstick into a lip gloss.

Do you have a tiny travel size cream jar that's empty?

Wash and dry the jar. Then fill half of that jar with vaseline, that multipurpose petroleum jelly that every home should have. Use a clean brush to scoop some lipstick and mix it with the vaseline. For a light hint of color, a little lipstick should do the trick. If you want more color, add in more lipstick. You can even combine more than one lip color to get your ideal shade, for your perfect lip gloss.

Instead of a cream blush, you can save money by using your favorite lipstick as a cream blush. Just take a tiny dab of lipstick and apply that to the apples of your cheeks, then blend it in for that rosy glow. No need to worry about whether your blusher matches your lipstick. By getting your lipstick to double up as cheek color, you'd be certain your lipstick and cheek color match. Only catch is that if you have acne prone skin it might clog your pores. If you are prone to acne, you should stick to powder cheek color as lipstick on cheeks might give you pimples.